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Speculative Acceleration


Speculative Acceleration speaks of the emerging moment and the potential that comes with it. The multitudes of life. The life of the person, the life of photography and their fragileness to change. The production of knowledge, photographic and anthropological. Knowledge can be built, invented and reinvented for centuries just to be discarded in “seconds”, mere decades. The subjects blur the boundary of the “real” while they interchange with the depicted subject being portrayed in the photographs. Distance from representing reality gives the work the needed space and time for reflection. The referent of each image is always captured using real life objects. Techniques have changed as the work progressed, using different capturing techniques; 1500 fps high speed camera to capture car crash testing, x-ray CT tomography scanning of wilting flowers in 3D and classical negative film to photograph traditional knitwear still practiced in specific areas. All of the work then went through a rigorous process of reprocessing in a variety of virtual reconstructions using the computer and a technique that was perfected for over a year. Using RGB HD projectors to expose classical analogue paper with moving images in order to compress emerging moments of potential change into one still representation of an event. Work contemplates on the multiplicity of the image and its meaning. It is a long term research into the broadness of an image and its current and potential place in society. Where new positions, new angles towards now and tomorrow are being produced instantly. Photography prevails, finds new uncertain ways of existing in society and art and continues on with the burden of the past but also with all the history that preceded this moment of change. Same as an individual. It looks to the future just to realize that yesterday and tomorrow are important but also that now is the moment where we feel the emergence.

Royal College of Art, Show RCA 2017.    / Instalation view "Speculative Acceleration" , 2017

Royal College of Art, Show RCA 2017. / Instalation view "Speculative Acceleration" , 2017

Woven Jacquard    Chromogenic print  160x127cm  2017   

Woven Jacquard

Chromogenic print




2015 Nissan Tsuru vs. 2016 Nissan Versa  Chromogenic hand print  190 x 127 cm  2017

2015 Nissan Tsuru vs. 2016 Nissan Versa

Chromogenic hand print

190 x 127 cm


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